These days content creation is a must in order to make your brand stand out amongst the masses. The types of content are creating: 1) blogs posts; 2) e-books; 3) podcasts; 4) email newsletters; 5) videos’ 6) info graphics and 7) photos. In this article, we are focusing on visual content creation. The one thing that is missing in the wave of visual content creators is purpose – it more than doing the latest dance or sharing a quirky story. It’s important to share your brand with a story that a captivating start, middle and end making those potential customers/viewers stay longer and click for more.

Being deliberate about your content shows transparency and makes it easy for you to deliver the message with clarity. Here are some tips that I’ve shared with my clients as they prepare for our brand shoot sessions:

Be Innovative. In sharing about your brand, strive to be creative in your approach and ensuring that what makes your brand so unique is present. According to Demand Jump, the typical lanes in the content creation world are: attraction (info graphics, usefulness of product or service), authority (how-to’s, speak directly to your client base), affinity (behind the scenes, sharing what you care about – the why of your brand), and action (client/lifestyle transformation with a call to action to connect with your brand). Once you have decided on your approach in your content, don’t forget to share bit of you in your brand story.

Be Bold. As you develop your content concepts, step outside of your comfort zoom whether it is your hair style (gather up your locs into a beautiful upsweep adding a headwrap), wardrobe (rock that daring colorful jacket) or getting some cool props to accompany your products and sharing the special ingredients of your projects. Don’t restrict your creativity. What helps me to tap into my creative juices is some self care, meditation and time blocking a moment of free writing space for ideas to form.

Be You. Authentic content is so rare – everyone wants to be part of a trend/viral feed. It’s ok to seek out the latest popular content from your favorite influencers and entrepreneurs for inspiration however you should aspire to bring your true personality and your motivation to each asset of content. Be true to yourself and you cannot go wrong.

Take action and schedule your next shoot session for your brand – let’s strategize your brand shoot concept today.