As we brainstorm new photo concepts for the new year, it’s important to rethink the storytelling piece to convince folks linger on your images a bit more because they see something special and feel drawn in. This will lead them to peruse your Insta and/or follow you for more content.

I’m here to share with you three key tips that you can apply to your images to pull them in. The essential elements to telling a story using photos are:

  • THE MESSAGE: what is it that you want to say, what is it that you want people to see and what is it that you want people to find in the photo. Once you’ve answered these questions, the rest is super easy!
  • THE SUBJECT: decide what/who is the focus of the photo. It can be an inanimate object, a person, the weather or nature.
  • THE SETUP: this is the broad aspect of storytelling because this is how you can be creative, incorporate your style and be innovative. This involves describing the details of the location, time of day, camera/lens to use, lighting etc.

The story behind any image is what connects you with the viewer. You can be selling a bar of soap but in fact you are selling an experience that they will receive when they use your soap. You want your images to stand out – to be noticed.

Take the first step and start the brainstorm with our photography team to create amazing visuals for your brand, family milestone or team event – book your consultation today!