Family shoots are a great way to create memories that will last forever. Gone are the days when family gatherings happen so often nowadays it is more crucial to have visuals to capture a point in time where your toddler is attempting his or her first walk or when your eldest graduates from high school. It is important to have these moments captured by a professional photographer that can inspire alignment of the family’s mood and coordinate the shoot day so that you show up shoot ready to create that magic moment.

I love family shoots for the opportunity to bond with an awesome bunch of folks and to be that artist to create those visuals that they will cherish for a lifetime! I want to share with you four great tips that will guarantee an amazing family photoshoot:

  1. Color Match – When it comes to brainstorming the visuals, it is important to envision a styling theme. What will everyone wear as well as what color(s) will be present in the photos? When I did my family shoot a few years ago for my grandmother, we decided that everyone would wear something red – a shirt, tie, sweater, hat, etc. The result was gorgeous images that she loves to this day and fondly looks at quite often.
  2. Location – The location is something that your photographer would assist you with, of course, but if you have ideas on what would be the perfect spot for your family shoot because it is: conveniently located, has parking, and/or is a favorite location for the family to gather – that would be ideal.
  3. Rest – Everyone in the family that will be part of the shoot should rest the day before. There shouldn’t be any last-minute preparation errands unless it’s a hair appointment. All clothing should be pressed, accessories and toys should be packed.
  4. Overthinking Not Allowed – Be sure to leave the details of the shoot (posing, how everyone is positioned etc) to the photographer and simply ENJOY this moment.

Following the above suggestions will not only create beautiful photos, but it will also result in new memories to be shared at the new family gathering. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation or comment below with your questions.