Branding doesn’t only apply to entrepreneurs this also applies to professionals in their fields of expertise. Whether you speak at engagements, coach others, sing onstage, social worker for hundreds of clients etc you are a personal brand. Each personal brand has to have professional visuals to tell your story.

I work with professionals as well as with entrepreneurs and the first question that I ask everyone is who are you then immediately follow it up with “what is your story” to build a visual tapestry of images in my mind for the most amazing shoot.

I tell my clients not to hold back – share, over share and share some more.

The narrative of a personal brand is built on three key elements:

  • Your origin: what inspired you to take this path that you are currently on – what moment, who was your inspiration that made you say “yes” to what makes you feel complete in the work that you do?
  • Your journey: what sustains your growth along this experience? What are the challenges that you face and the wins you’ve achieved?
  • Your vision: what is your next on the horizon? Where do you see yourself headed? What are your career goals?

Your personal brand is constantly evolving as your identity and narrative shifts with new experiences. What better way than to articulate that than with visuals from a photographer that “gets it”!

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