You are a startup business that is off and running with a business plan, goals, product/services and, most importantly ambition. What is lacking are the details that lay a crucial foundation to your business’ brand identity.

Brand identity for businesses speaks to the center of what you do best and how your brand can help your potential client fulfill their needs. It’s as simple as that. And the basic ways to communicate that is through visual storytelling:

  • Website: We don’t mean do you have Instagram. Do you have a for your business? People are drawn to stand alone websites (a landing page will suffice) and shy away from being connected to social media all of the time. They want to see what your business is about, the person/team behind the business name, what you sell, how to contact you etc. Social media is a great platform for the initial connection but to have a long lasting one is to have a site that draws people in and enables them to stay in contact (mailing list, please?!)
  • Brand Colors: I can talk about this for days on how colors play a subconscious role in how people feel and interact with your business. I go into depth with my clients that I coach on their brand colors b/c of the deeper meaning of color scheme on your website, apparel and logo that attracts your clients. For instance, the brand colors for VySyn Photography are a couple of purple hues, black and white which symbolizes transparency and creativity that are the key elements of my business’ core values.
  • Story to Tell: What is the “why” of your business? Why was it founded? What motivated you to start down the path of creating your business? Why should someone invest their money into your vision? Something as straightforward as designing wigs for people who are fighting their battle with cancer is a far better narrative than being yet another wig designer in the industry. Your “why” is as powerful than your “what”

Your story starts the journey to building a connection with your target clients before the first email blast, IG/TikTok like or follow. The key is to give people something to remember about your business so that they linger, poke and engage. Welcome to the Entrepreneurs Club!!

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