I absolutely cannot tell you how much I love doing what I do – the idea of creating a masterpiece of art with this technology is surreal! I have fun brainstorming, preparing, setting up and pressing the shutter with every motion of my subject.

So, here’s my top favorite aspects of bring a photographer + entrepreneur – GO!!

  1. Making Connections: whether new or return clients, I’m ecstatic for every opportunity to work with someone to create their “wow” visuals
  2. Creating Concepts: The ideas ooze from me at all times of the day. I journal them to save them for the perfect shoot then transform them into concepts with the client in mind.
  3. Bringing Visions to Life: Talk about telling a story – this is why I love being a photographer. We have the ability to create the mood in one photo that pulls the viewer in.
  4. Playing with My Camera: For the big kid in me, I enjoy exploring what my camera can do and experimenting on how I can achieve a certain effect whether it’s playing with lighting or composition – this is a bonus!!
  5. Transforming into a Fashionista: My other joy is pulling a styled look together for a client or model. Shopping is my favorite thing but assembling wardrobe certainly is.

What excitement does photography bring to me? It’s everything – it’s my creative source, my therapy and my peace. It brings me joy! A joy that I love sharing with my clients with every shoot project.

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