Fashion is so unique to an individual’s persona. This is another struggle point for anyone seeking to level up their visuals for their personal or business brand.

Over the years, I’ve seen so many amazing designs on and off the runway that can perfectly bring one’s look together for a brand shoot. But you need a starting point to assemble the PERFECT to fashion look that speaks to your individuality!!

If you don’t know what type of fashion style that you have and/or desire to improve your look but are unsure on what steps to take, check out my tips below:

  • Closet Audit: You should spend a couple of days doing this – open up your closet to do an assessment on your style trend (what do you wear most often on a busy day, relaxed day, outing with family, special event etc? What are your go to items in your closet?)
    Color Decoding: Find your favorite colors in your closet – what patterns and hues speak to you most? Are you more earth tones? Solid colors?
  • Flaunt that Favorite Part of You: Think about the last selfie or pro shoot that you took – what were your frequent poses and also consider what are the favorite parts of your body that you love the most (e.g., lips, eyes, shoulders, legs etc) that you want to show off in your next shoot
  • Fashion Inspiration: Take a moment to think about any classic, contemporary figures (from Grace Jones to Beyonce) that you absolutely love how they are styled, the garments that they wear, how they wear their hair, their signature makeup look and the accessories that they always add to their ensemble
  • Be Daring: Find that inspiration to upgrade your style to then add a piece or two to your wardrobe by 1) grabbing some fashion magazines from last season or two seasons ago to see what was trending mainstream; 2) google your favorite celebrities recent looks; or 3) hit the pavement at your nearest vintage store

Next Step….Take this fun 2 minute quiz by Visual Therapy on how to describe your style – are you Classic? Chic? Whimsical? Bohemian? Avante Garde? – According to this quiz, my fashion style is classic, whimsy…Nice!!

Final Step….book your consultation with me to chat about your next brand shoot to capture your style and let’s talk fashion styles!!

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