Be a part of the S.H.E. PROJECT MOVEMENT... a journey to embracing one's life purpose

 SHE stands for "Stimulating [the] Harvest [of your] Evolution". Launched in 2015 the SHE Project is a global photography initiative connecting the visual creativity of VySyn Photography with wonderful women from various life paths who have amazing stories about their transformation that must be told.

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Meet Vicki Sylvan 

Vicki is a humanitarian and entrepreneur who is a brilliant light in this world. Its hard to find people who exude peace and purpose simultaneously while upstarting a fashion-focused business. She is the proud owner of Shoe-B, an innovative women's accessories company, that is on the verge of launching its presence world-wide in magazines, televisions and so much more. The sky's the limit for Shoe-B and for Vicki Sylvain. Vicki's quest to leaving her footprint in this world began in January 2010 in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. After deep thought, she took action in providing resources to the people of Haiti - her people. Her desire to give aid birthed the Survival Kit Drive for Haiti Project and, later, Shoe-B. She seeks to move the production of the clutch Shoe-B bags to the shores of Haiti resulting in viable jobs while promoting resiliency and pride. Her journey to finding out what she wanted to do in life was not easy, her advice for those struggling to find their path is to "create a personal/professional will note that your life has a theme..things that you are most proud of will stand out." 

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