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I want to work with you to create a visual masterpiece. I want to get us to know each other before we meet in person to break the wall of awkwardness that often times happens. The shoot experience should be a comfortable reveal to achieve the desired results that will leave  everyone speechless - including you! I encourage you to reach out to me and my team today to schedule your shoot session. In the meantime, visit my LenScape Blog for a glimpse of my everyday artistry. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Chante Ramsey's Bio - Press Kit  

"Allow your passion to drive you on your purpose journey" 

Chante Ramsey, lead photographer of VySyn Photography, is a passionate, self taught portraits and fashion photographer. Since 2005, Chante has captured faces, places and extracting the beauty from within as well as the essence of each moment through her lens. “I believe that I can capture this because I also love people”, she explains. The combination of years learning the technical elements of photography and understanding people has been the cornerstone of VySyn Photography.

Her Creative Journey Began....

Her photography career began after the loss of her mother in 2005 to breast cancer at the age of 51. To escape her perpetual sadness and emptiness left behind from losing a parent after a tenuous battle, she used photography to fill that void. While working as co-founder of Synchronized Rhythm, a live performance cultural arts joint venture for underground artists in NYC, she fell in love with photography and began to build her portfolio. She has indulged her creative curiosity by constantly shooting the world around her and collaborating with other photographers on various projects to learn her craft. Her work has been featured at local venues including the Barbara Campbell boutique, Casa Frela Gallery, TeaFey Infusions, to name a few. And in Spring 2015 she launched her women’s photography initiative, the SHE Project, in tribute to the women in her life and in the memory of her mother.

 mother. determination.

Next on Her Horizon....

Through her camera, she can see the beauty of each individual and with each photo she succeeds in letting the world see that too. Chante has also been featured in the Leading with Lee Magazine where they named her the “go to coach for visual branding” and, now will be showcasing her favorite brands through her virtual talk series - Brand Story Hour and sharing resources with businesses in the PASSION Ambassadors FB Group. Currently, Chante has expanded the VySyn Photography brand to serve her clients through the Elevating Your Brand Visual Coaching, this program focuses on working with artists and entrepreneurs to create visuals that align with their brand and connect them to digital media resources as an affiliate of Double EE Productions. The coaching program’s services include photo portfolio review, virtual style sessions, photo shoot and more.

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