Obama, We Thank You!

I dedicate this post to our now former President who has a quality that I strive to attain. He’s my living example of how to “be” in times of struggle and uncertainty.

Dear President Obama

In the face of adversity from day one, you showed grace beyond comprehension. You are someone that will be forever treasured in America’s history (in the world) for being a true example of how to act under pressure – to be resilient through it all. The careful balance between your commitment to this and country and your family for eight years was exemplary. I thank you for your sacrifices. I thank you for your tireless efforts. I thank you for those sleepless nights. Your tremendous dedication will echo within us all. We now take your baton and make change in our communities and the lives of our youth one block, one district, one county at a time. Go onto that presidential sunset with your head held high.

The job of being a leader is a huge task and quite burdensome. The job is oftentimes the source of pain and sorrow but those who are truly meant for that role don’t dwell on that too much b/c they are too busy focused on impacting the lives of others and paving the way for those who come after them.  I’m appreciative of true leaders that are examples of how I should lead and live my life.

Cheers, Chante

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