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You are instrumental to setting and achieving your goals – that much is true! But your network of friends, colleagues and family who support your energy towards your goals are very important.

I take myself too seriously sometimes. I’m quite harsh and critical of me. The race I run consists of me, myself and I – it’s the hardest race that I’ve ever had to run. When I’m struggling with internal conflict and creative/mental blocks, I lean on my support system when meditation, prayer and solo trips fail to result in progress.

Who you chose to be in that “clique” is about strategy basically who will be that voice to pull you out of that rough time or spark that idea/insight that has been dormant for awhile. The members of your support system are those that will provide you with that inspiration that speaks to your soul.

These sources of strength can be a friend from your youth, your uncle, your teacher/coach, your coworker from a previous job etc. The range of folks is limitless but remember that these people should possess a few key qualities:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Positivity
  • Knowledge; and an
  • Interest (in assisting you).

Once you’ve identified who these people are, you reach out to them and keep them abreast on what your hopes, dreams, passions, difficulties and goals are. And be sure to reciprocate those same qualities and efforts to them. Being a part of their support system is not simply returning the favor but it enhances the connection for a longer lasting relationship.

Go forth and build your team!

Cheers, Chante

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