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On the eve of May how are you springing forward to achieve your goals for your vision that you’ve created for yourself?! Are you SPRINGING or are you simply existing?

It’s incredibly tough to look at oneself with all of the smoke and mirrors removed to reveal your truth. Let’s be honest, it’s easier to cast judgment on others than it is to say to yourself…”you are not doing what you should be doing“. That brutal honesty – that kick in the butt is what our spirit needs to push ourselves upward.

Yesterday I attended provigil without prescription and was completely in awe by all of the positive energy that surrounded me and their eagerness to take their visions to the next level. I needed to hear the harsh reality of being an entrepreneur but I also needed to hear the reward as well – to live in your purpose with a paycheck to accompany that to truly how I want to live! My resolve to be a successful photographer and an arts educator has been reawakened. And I won’t allow fear and anything else deter me from pressing forward. I know that it will be hard but it will be worth every essence of my blood, sweat and tears. I am ready!

The other day someone posted the SPRING acronym above that I will prompt me to examine where I am, where I want to be in the immediate future and what I can do better. It certainly is a powerful way to reflect and motivate oneself. I hope that you will join me in this exist and be sure to post your take ways in the comment section.

And remember….

What is Your Legacy & Be Firmly Committed to it!” Cheryl Wood

Cheers, Chante

Thank you for your support for my “Inspired Visions” Blog series! Please comment and share this post! xoxo

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Just completed a morning of asanas and breathing techniques to start a brand new day! Lots of tasks ahead of me to complete but I can’t help but observe the infectious feeling that resides within me. I haven’t slept much as of late because this energy is beyond dreams and is becoming my reality.

My restless sleep is because I’m full of excitement and fear. When releasing something that you’ve been working on and conceptualizing for so long, it’s an indescribable feeling of inertia happening inside of you. Imagine leaning off of the highest cliff and taking in your last breathe before the epic jump? That’s how I feel!!

It’s a powerful flow of emotions!! And I know that I need to channel these feelings to places where it’s needed so I’ve been writing my business plan, sending emails to folks, chatting with strangers who reach out to me on my site and brainstorming about a future workshop.

So lack of sleep is not b/c of an overwhelming burden but I’m overflowing with energy and the “sleep thing” cannot (and will not) stifle it. I’ve been so productive these past few months that it has inspired others to gravitate towards my vision and breathe life into their own life long project/business venture.

It’s truly amazing how energy can be passed onto others, live and continue to transform lives.

Yes! Yes!

Cheers, Chante

Thank you for your support for my “Inspired Visions” Blog series! Please comment and share this post! xoxo