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What grounds you? What centers your entire being? When things are chaotic what helps you to stabilize?

For me it’s nature – it’s like the reset that my mind needs. And when you couple that with a traditional yoga practice it’s a fantastic experience. Recently I escaped the city life for a trip to the mountains with a few friends this past weekend. Incredible doesn’t nearly sum it up how the weekend went!

It was one of those things that you really needed but didn’t know you needed to do until you did it. My mind slowed down to a slow simmer so I was able to take it all in, rest and have fun while learning philosophies and pushing my physical limits. The fresh air of the wooded area gave me unfiltered moments as I walked, climbed and gazed out into the wilderness.

Each of us is in need of opportunities to reboot our lives to balance it b/c you cannot live in chaos forever. Find your safe space – seek it out! It could be a trip to a nearby beach, walk to a park, jog at the lake etc. Once you find it then make it a habit!!

Cheers, Chante

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Just completed a morning of asanas and breathing techniques to start a brand new day! Lots of tasks ahead of me to complete but I can’t help but observe the infectious feeling that resides within me. I haven’t slept much as of late because this energy is beyond dreams and is becoming my reality.

My restless sleep is because I’m full of excitement and fear. When releasing something that you’ve been working on and conceptualizing for so long, it’s an indescribable feeling of inertia happening inside of you. Imagine leaning off of the highest cliff and taking in your last breathe before the epic jump? That’s how I feel!!

It’s a powerful flow of emotions!! And I know that I need to channel these feelings to places where it’s needed so I’ve been writing my business plan, sending emails to folks, chatting with strangers who reach out to me on my site and brainstorming about a future workshop.

So lack of sleep is not b/c of an overwhelming burden but I’m overflowing with energy and the “sleep thing” cannot (and will not) stifle it. I’ve been so productive these past few months that it has inspired others to gravitate towards my vision and breathe life into their own life long project/business venture.

It’s truly amazing how energy can be passed onto others, live and continue to transform lives.

Yes! Yes!

Cheers, Chante

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This past week has been a VERY busy one for me.  Between meeting up with my awesome mentee to play catch up and doing lots of editing from my recent photo shoots with several clients (check out my order provigil online overnight delivery or order provigil online uk for the updates), I realized that I needed a serious break.

So this weekend, I decided to LITERALLY check out! I put the camera aside for these past couple of days to rest my mind and body since I have a equally busy week ahead and needed a recharge.

You have to admit that everyone suffers from burnout from time to time. You cannot be your potential self when your fuel level is on “E”. You have to first recognize that you are barely getting sleep, working late nights and not eating the proper foods because you simply don’t have no time. At this point of your awareness, you need to take a pause and assess your mental and physical health. It’s crucial to maintaining your life’s balance which is the careful balance between the good in life (e.g., positive health, great outlook, inner peace and high achievement) versus the bad in life (e.g., chronic illness, unhappiness, anxiety and low productivity).

The buzz word nowadays is “order provigil from canada“.  I started the year off with this on my mind and making sure that I don’t forget that taking time for me is just as important as capturing images for a client or achieving one of my goals. How can I be a great photographer or work towards completing my tasks if I’m exhausted?!

Have you given any thought to your self care plan? Well I devised my own self care regime this past January which is as follows:

  • Monthly Day Trip Retreats;
  • Monthly Therapeutic Sessions (e.g., acupuncture, massage);
  • Daily Meditation;
  • Daily Yoga;
  • Calling A Friend;
  • Surrounding Myself With Young People;
  • Daily Journaling; and
  • Eating Healthier Meals

My regime is still quite new to me and I’m not perfect. Sometimes I don’t want to do yoga before the sun rises, write in my journal when I think that I have absolutely nothing to say or eat that salad when I’m craving a burger. To stay on track, it requires plenty of discipline – this is an area that I’m working to succeed at more often than fail.

I think creating a regime that works for you will help keep your body and mind stimulated in the long run while those short term desires might be appealing they will only lead you to crash and burn sooner rather than later. I encourage you to comment your current self care regime, if you have one, or any questions that you have about where to start in order to add self care activities to your day-to-day living. It’s so important that we share and support one another on this path that is called life!

Cheers, Chante

Thank you for your support for my “Inspired Visions” Blog series! Please comment and share this post! xoxo