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Towards Tomorrow

Reflecting on my journey

I am walking each step

with my head held high

Ready to see the light ahead

What the future parts of the my path brings

One will not know – but the end

The finish line is in sight

The questions

The unknown

Are the chapters along the way


Our end point is known, we are born to live knowing that the end is death. The fantastic part of living is what we do with each day!

Cheers, Chante

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On the eve of May how are you springing forward to achieve your goals for your vision that you’ve created for yourself?! Are you SPRINGING or are you simply existing?

It’s incredibly tough to look at oneself with all of the smoke and mirrors removed to reveal your truth. Let’s be honest, it’s easier to cast judgment on others than it is to say to yourself…”you are not doing what you should be doing“. That brutal honesty – that kick in the butt is what our spirit needs to push ourselves upward.

Yesterday I attended buy provigil from india and was completely in awe by all of the positive energy that surrounded me and their eagerness to take their visions to the next level. I needed to hear the harsh reality of being an entrepreneur but I also needed to hear the reward as well – to live in your purpose with a paycheck to accompany that to truly how I want to live! My resolve to be a successful photographer and an arts educator has been reawakened. And I won’t allow fear and anything else deter me from pressing forward. I know that it will be hard but it will be worth every essence of my blood, sweat and tears. I am ready!

The other day someone posted the SPRING acronym above that I will prompt me to examine where I am, where I want to be in the immediate future and what I can do better. It certainly is a powerful way to reflect and motivate oneself. I hope that you will join me in this exist and be sure to post your take ways in the comment section.

And remember….

What is Your Legacy & Be Firmly Committed to it!” Cheryl Wood

Cheers, Chante

Thank you for your support for my “Inspired Visions” Blog series! Please comment and share this post! xoxo

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The exercise of inhalation and exhalation is key to invigorating your body! Yesterday, at my 2nd homeorder provigil online overnight delivery we spent the afternoon exploring different breathing techniques, testing our body’s limits and enjoying the sensations from each technique – a must try!

After weeks of working on my youth arts project, order provigil online uk, I have been admittedly running on low energy.  Yes I rested. And yes I made sure I took my vitamins and ate my veggies but that’s not enough. I wasn’t meditating every morning and doing my breathing exercises as I should have been. This is my new daily routine – a healthy goal for the year to achieve. The excuses…oh I’m too tired and I can get an extra 30 minutes of sleep if I don’t do it. Well I suffered because of not doing my morning recharge.

This morning I rose up, did my asanas, my meditation and my affirmation for the day which is “to imagine, create and believe“. The “believe” part is for me to not forget to believe in my intentions for doing what I’m doing. For me, intention drives the bus of your life each day and if you don’t have a clear intention then who is driving? Where are you going? And why are you even on the road? Simple as that.

What a powerful way to start the week ahead. I have much to do today….plan the summer programming for my arts work with youth, scheduling my shoots with new clients and plan a vacation or two for the summer. My day has only just begun but I’m focused on the “why” for the day.

I urge you to take a moment in the day to slowly breathe in and breathe out! Here’s one example that you can try: Take in a deep breathe with a 5 second count, hold in that inhalation for another 5 second count, exhale for 5 seconds and sit without breathe for another 5 seconds then repeat three times. You should feel a sense of euphoria and renewal but please comment below on how this makes you feel.

Go forth towards a new week and don’t forget to breathe (with intention) 🙂

Cheers, Chante

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This past week has been a VERY busy one for me.  Between meeting up with my awesome mentee to play catch up and doing lots of editing from my recent photo shoots with several clients (check out my order provigil uk or order provigil europe for the updates), I realized that I needed a serious break.

So this weekend, I decided to LITERALLY check out! I put the camera aside for these past couple of days to rest my mind and body since I have a equally busy week ahead and needed a recharge.

You have to admit that everyone suffers from burnout from time to time. You cannot be your potential self when your fuel level is on “E”. You have to first recognize that you are barely getting sleep, working late nights and not eating the proper foods because you simply don’t have no time. At this point of your awareness, you need to take a pause and assess your mental and physical health. It’s crucial to maintaining your life’s balance which is the careful balance between the good in life (e.g., positive health, great outlook, inner peace and high achievement) versus the bad in life (e.g., chronic illness, unhappiness, anxiety and low productivity).

The buzz word nowadays is “order provigil australia“.  I started the year off with this on my mind and making sure that I don’t forget that taking time for me is just as important as capturing images for a client or achieving one of my goals. How can I be a great photographer or work towards completing my tasks if I’m exhausted?!

Have you given any thought to your self care plan? Well I devised my own self care regime this past January which is as follows:

  • Monthly Day Trip Retreats;
  • Monthly Therapeutic Sessions (e.g., acupuncture, massage);
  • Daily Meditation;
  • Daily Yoga;
  • Calling A Friend;
  • Surrounding Myself With Young People;
  • Daily Journaling; and
  • Eating Healthier Meals

My regime is still quite new to me and I’m not perfect. Sometimes I don’t want to do yoga before the sun rises, write in my journal when I think that I have absolutely nothing to say or eat that salad when I’m craving a burger. To stay on track, it requires plenty of discipline – this is an area that I’m working to succeed at more often than fail.

I think creating a regime that works for you will help keep your body and mind stimulated in the long run while those short term desires might be appealing they will only lead you to crash and burn sooner rather than later. I encourage you to comment your current self care regime, if you have one, or any questions that you have about where to start in order to add self care activities to your day-to-day living. It’s so important that we share and support one another on this path that is called life!

Cheers, Chante

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You are instrumental to setting and achieving your goals – that much is true! But your network of friends, colleagues and family who support your energy towards your goals are very important.

I take myself too seriously sometimes. I’m quite harsh and critical of me. The race I run consists of me, myself and I – it’s the hardest race that I’ve ever had to run. When I’m struggling with internal conflict and creative/mental blocks, I lean on my support system when meditation, prayer and solo trips fail to result in progress.

Who you chose to be in that “clique” is about strategy basically who will be that voice to pull you out of that rough time or spark that idea/insight that has been dormant for awhile. The members of your support system are those that will provide you with that inspiration that speaks to your soul.

These sources of strength can be a friend from your youth, your uncle, your teacher/coach, your coworker from a previous job etc. The range of folks is limitless but remember that these people should possess a few key qualities:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Positivity
  • Knowledge; and an
  • Interest (in assisting you).

Once you’ve identified who these people are, you reach out to them and keep them abreast on what your hopes, dreams, passions, difficulties and goals are. And be sure to reciprocate those same qualities and efforts to them. Being a part of their support system is not simply returning the favor but it enhances the connection for a longer lasting relationship.

Go forth and build your team!

Cheers, Chante

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In my previous post I mentioned that I can issues with perfection – well that’s the buy provigil modafinil online in me. The constant struggle. The cool thing about having that quality is that can make a list out of thin air.

Organization and creating systems are key to achieving one’s goals. Without the proper tools in place, how can you accomplish and track your success? I know that there are a plethora of resources out there to guide you on that path so I’ll add my two cents. ha!

My 2017 secrets to a system to success are:

  1. Prioritize Your Life – First categorize what is most important to your state of happiness in this crazy world. Its not about setting resolutions, it is all about what can I do that sets me a huge step closer to my life’s passion. For instance, I’m battling an buy provigil egypt and the advice received from my holistic health mavericks is to change your lifestyle – what you consume and what you do with your body. This is my priority to instill a better lifestyle to life a healthier life so that I can execute my photo shoots in the most effective way without suffering from chronic pain spells or lack of energy that is a huge obstacle when trying to do acrobatics for my shoots.
  2. Get Yourself Together – Outline specific tasks for each goal in a step by step way whether it is per day, per week, per month etc. I highly recommend a task tracking app (I use buy provigil australia). For 2017, one of my goals is to increase the number of models for my purchase provigil. The tasks for the year are to post on social media frequently, follow up with prospective models regularly., attend networking events to build up interest in the project and so forth. Thus far, I have two possible models in the first month of the new year.
  3. Check Your Technique – As you progress in the year, be sure to add in times to check in with yourself to be accountable to the progress of your goals as well as offset any procrastination tendencies and tweak your tasks as necessary. Also appoint a mentor, life coach or friend to review your progress with you periodically.
  4. Do Your Annual Check Up – As the final quarter of the year comes to a close, review your tasks list, assess your achievements, assess what you didn’t complete and begin setting your goals and tasks for the following year.

Don’t be shy about your life – Be CONFIDENT! Be PURPOSEFUL! Be READY!

Cheers, Chante

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I will rise 
Up & Above My Obstacles 
I will face them
Eye to Eye
With Every Ounce of Strength
I will stand ready to engage
I will rise

2016 proved to me that I can achieve ANYTHING once I put the mental power behind my passion followed by purposeful action.

Let me be honest with you. I am a perfectionist! One of my clients called me out on this fact recently and I agreed 100%. I can’t believe she hit the nail on the head granted she’s known me for years so I’m not surprised. What that means is that if I can’t execute perfectly then why do it at all or I’ll do it later once I am inspired to do a perfect job. As a creative, you simply cannot create magic when its the “perfect time“. Creativity is a phenomena that just happens but you have to take action first. That perfectionism also leads to that dreaded fear of failure, which we can dive into on a future post,. But those were the major hangups last year that I worked to overcome and I did, for the most part. I woke up (again) on this January 1, 2017 feeling alive and ready to see take on the world through my lens, feeding my passion fully and energetically.

I encourage you to not look back at what you didn’t accomplish as failures but only as items on your goals to complete list for 2017 and forge ahead.

Cheers, Chante

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