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The exercise of inhalation and exhalation is key to invigorating your body! Yesterday, at my 2nd homeprovigil no prescription we spent the afternoon exploring different breathing techniques, testing our body’s limits and enjoying the sensations from each technique – a must try!

After weeks of working on my youth arts project, buy provigil from india, I have been admittedly running on low energy.  Yes I rested. And yes I made sure I took my vitamins and ate my veggies but that’s not enough. I wasn’t meditating every morning and doing my breathing exercises as I should have been. This is my new daily routine – a healthy goal for the year to achieve. The excuses…oh I’m too tired and I can get an extra 30 minutes of sleep if I don’t do it. Well I suffered because of not doing my morning recharge.

This morning I rose up, did my asanas, my meditation and my affirmation for the day which is “to imagine, create and believe“. The “believe” part is for me to not forget to believe in my intentions for doing what I’m doing. For me, intention drives the bus of your life each day and if you don’t have a clear intention then who is driving? Where are you going? And why are you even on the road? Simple as that.

What a powerful way to start the week ahead. I have much to do today….plan the summer programming for my arts work with youth, scheduling my shoots with new clients and plan a vacation or two for the summer. My day has only just begun but I’m focused on the “why” for the day.

I urge you to take a moment in the day to slowly breathe in and breathe out! Here’s one example that you can try: Take in a deep breathe with a 5 second count, hold in that inhalation for another 5 second count, exhale for 5 seconds and sit without breathe for another 5 seconds then repeat three times. You should feel a sense of euphoria and renewal but please comment below on how this makes you feel.

Go forth towards a new week and don’t forget to breathe (with intention) 🙂

Cheers, Chante

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