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I received my recent creative inspiration from my youth… Well the youth from my arts project thebuy provigil overnight shipping. Yesterday, we all met up in the frigid temps and did an outdoor shoot at the High Line in Chelsea, NYC and it proved to be an enlightening experience for everyone including myself.

I absolutely adore capturing my subjects in buy provigil south africabut to capture the same imagery in black and white was challenging for me. I started to internalize…“How can you see the brilliance of color that exists?”, “Will my viewers feel what I feel from that moment I decided to take that shot?” and so forth. I presented this theme to my students and it became a theme that we all struggled with, to be honest.

We started the shoot session in the studio to warm up our creative juices and our bodies over pizza (ha!). We were blessed to have have fun volunteer models to work with. My approach to my shots was less interaction with the models and more improvisation. Then I sought out a careful balance of light versus dark that filled the space as the models positioned themselves or as I squatted and contorted my body.

During this session, I shot using a wide angle 20mm Sigma lens which is reserved for special events (e.g., concerts) so this was the added challenge. The shots that came from this session impressed me. Each shot was different yet had a common theme of inner peace, confidence and introspection. For some of my “in living color” portraits, this feeling is emitted from the shots and I then realized its not just the color but diving deeper its my ability to encompass a feeling at the moment when I clicked on the shutter.

That’s what I do and how my artistry contributes something beautiful to this world. I can shoot in any way I choose as long as I hold onto that essential core of what makes my work so powerful. And it is because I am an passionate being that connects with her subjects in a meaningful way which shines through in my portraiture. Realizing that inspires me to continue to switch to monochrome from time to time during my photo shoots and keep shooting.

The youth from the meet up are currently in edit mode and I cannot wait to share with you some of their work in the next post. I know it will be an amazing collection of works of art!

Cheers, Chante

Thank you for your support for my “Inspired Visions” Blog series! Please comment and share this post! xoxo