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I want to work with you to create a visual masterpiece. I want to get us to know each other before we meet in person to break the wall of awkwardness that often times happens. The shoot experience should be a comfortable reveal to achieve the desired results that will leave  everyone speechless - including you! I encourage you to buy Provigil to schedule your shoot session. In the meantime, visit my buy provigil online for a glimpse of my everyday artistry. I'm looking forward to working with you!

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She is a self taught portraits and fashion photographer with a classic, vibrant and strong style. Chante established her company, VySyn Photography in 2011 with a vision to show the world what a wonderful place it is one amazing human at a time whether capturing clients in her vibrant portrait shoots, NYFW inspired look book shoots or on the runway drive-by shots featuring the wearable artwork by local designers or those candid person to person moments in the streets of New York and beyond. 

Her Creative Journey Began....

Her photography career began after the loss of her mother in 2005 to breast cancer at the age of 51. To escape her perpetual sadness and emptiness left behind from losing a parent after a tenuous battle, she used photography to fill that void. While working as co-founder of Synchronized Rhythm, a live performance cultural arts joint venture for underground artists in NYC, she fell in love with photography and began to build her portfolio. She has indulged her creative curiosity by constantly shooting the world around her and collaborating with other photographers on various projects to learn her craft. Her work has been featured at local venues including the Barbara Campbell boutique, Casa Frela Gallery, TeaFey Infusions, to name a few. And in Spring 2015 she launched her women’s photography initiative, the buy provigil overnight shipping, in tribute to the women in her life and in the memory of her mother. The SHE Project features women in hr visual and podcast series who have found their purpose and are a living testament to the results of hard work and determination.

Next on Her Horizon....

As she climbed her creative ladder, she soon attracted the interest of young burgeoning artists that she immediately took under her wing to mentor them through creative style coaching as well as a business resource giving them a few tips from establishing their photography business to connecting them to potential clients. Soon after that momentous experience, in 2016, she launched the buy provigil south africa, a nonprofit that seeks to provide robust training, professional coaching and entrepreneurial learning to youth ages 11-19 years old. Through her new path as a youth advocate, she explores varied approaches to teaching art and nurturing the artists within these youth as well as be that nurturing support that every young artist needs.

Chante is a woman with a big heart and hopes to impact the masses whether through her art or through the art of the future artists that she interacts with. The imprint that she leaves behind will hopefully be one of seeking to live a fulfilled and happy life while showing compassion, empathy and love to everyone around her.

Chante Ramsey, Owner/Lead Photographer

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