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You are instrumental to setting and achieving your goals – that much is true! But your network of friends, colleagues and family who support your energy towards your goals are very important.

I take myself too seriously sometimes. I’m quite harsh and critical of me. The race I run consists of me, myself and I – it’s the hardest race that I’ve ever had to run. When I’m struggling with internal conflict and creative/mental blocks, I lean on my support system when meditation, prayer and solo trips fail to result in progress.

Who you chose to be in that “clique” is about strategy basically who will be that voice to pull you out of that rough time or spark that idea/insight that has been dormant for awhile. The members of your support system are those that will provide you with that inspiration that speaks to your soul.

These sources of strength can be a friend from your youth, your uncle, your teacher/coach, your coworker from a previous job etc. The range of folks is limitless but remember that these people should possess a few key qualities:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Positivity
  • Knowledge; and an
  • Interest (in assisting you).

Once you’ve identified who these people are, you reach out to them and keep them abreast on what your hopes, dreams, passions, difficulties and goals are. And be sure to reciprocate those same qualities and efforts to them. Being a part of their support system is not simply returning the favor but it enhances the connection for a longer lasting relationship.

Go forth and build your team!

Cheers, Chante

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After hearing news of a family member’s passing this morning, I needed to get away – to escape in order to collect my thoughts.

Death is an indescribable weight on the shoulders of us all. We know it’s our destiny but most of us deny it believing that it’s morbid to dwell on the unavoidable ending of our life.

How should I live the life that I have knowing it can end any day?

I ask myself this every day. With each inhalation and exhalation I think of my mother who had a bronchial infection during her illness before she passed away many years ago. For every labored breathe that she endured, she was thankful to experience another millisecond with us. My thoughts oftentimes linger to those memories of her lying in bed at home or lying on the hospital bed struggling to live.

To live is to feel, taste and touch every moment – diving into your basic senses to appreciate what is in front of you. Taking those moments and people around you for granted is selfish – and you will regret it later.

Today, our call to action is to use each day of your life to show gratitude, to love fully, to rejoice in the beautiful energy that surrounds you and savor every detail.

That is how my mother, my cousin Tara & countless others would’ve wanted for themselves – to celebrate another day!

Cheers, Chante

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I captured this family while riding the B train across the Manhattan Bridge on my way to work a couple of years ago. I saw something so beautiful that no one else saw – hey! its rush hour in NYC everyone is either asleep or listening to their music. The tenderness shown by this father with his two little ones was comforting. And the young boy being ever so protective of his sister.  It seemed an eternity from the time I noticed them until the moment I snapped this shot. I truly did not want to disturb this intimate moment yet I wanted to capture it for myself.

This shot is a constant reminder to be in the moment while you are out here living, grinding and hustling. Do not forget to savor these moments with family, friends and, even, solo that you simply cannot get back. The photos are great b/c you can recall some of those feelings unfortunately you can’t recall the entire experience.  How to savor? It’s easy…imagine yourself with your closed eyes slowly strolling through a field smelling the lilies and lilacs  as the sun caresses your skin with its warmth then your eyes open and the moment is gone.

The shot is also a reminder to never forget treat people with a genuine heart. It’s ok to be deliberate with reaching out to people in your network or to engage them to build a business relationship but be humane about it. Take a pause and ask them about how they feel, their family, important milestones etc. To establish a personal connection with someone first and foremost is something powerful. I don’t do it intentionally, I was raised in the art of mindfulness before it was a trend. My mom taught us that people are important just as much as you are so treat them as such. I was floored when she said it but it made perfect sense. And this is why I walk in this path in every aspect in my life – this is why I can’t start shooting a client without having a chat with them over tea or by phone or before the shoot begins. It amazes me how often we forget that people make this world go ’round.

Being human isn’t easy but living with zeal and compassion makes it bearable and with intention.

Cheers, Chante

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I dedicate this post to our now former President who has a quality that I strive to attain. He’s my living example of how to “be” in times of struggle and uncertainty.

Dear President Obama

In the face of adversity from day one, you showed grace beyond comprehension. You are someone that will be forever treasured in America’s history (in the world) for being a true example of how to act under pressure – to be resilient through it all. The careful balance between your commitment to this and country and your family for eight years was exemplary. I thank you for your sacrifices. I thank you for your tireless efforts. I thank you for those sleepless nights. Your tremendous dedication will echo within us all. We now take your baton and make change in our communities and the lives of our youth one block, one district, one county at a time. Go onto that presidential sunset with your head held high.

The job of being a leader is a huge task and quite burdensome. The job is oftentimes the source of pain and sorrow but those who are truly meant for that role don’t dwell on that too much b/c they are too busy focused on impacting the lives of others and paving the way for those who come after them.  I’m appreciative of true leaders that are examples of how I should lead and live my life.

Cheers, Chante

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In my previous post I mentioned that I can issues with perfection – well that’s the order provigil europe in me. The constant struggle. The cool thing about having that quality is that can make a list out of thin air.

Organization and creating systems are key to achieving one’s goals. Without the proper tools in place, how can you accomplish and track your success? I know that there are a plethora of resources out there to guide you on that path so I’ll add my two cents. ha!

My 2017 secrets to a system to success are:

  1. Prioritize Your Life – First categorize what is most important to your state of happiness in this crazy world. Its not about setting resolutions, it is all about what can I do that sets me a huge step closer to my life’s passion. For instance, I’m battling an order provigil australia and the advice received from my holistic health mavericks is to change your lifestyle – what you consume and what you do with your body. This is my priority to instill a better lifestyle to life a healthier life so that I can execute my photo shoots in the most effective way without suffering from chronic pain spells or lack of energy that is a huge obstacle when trying to do acrobatics for my shoots.
  2. Get Yourself Together – Outline specific tasks for each goal in a step by step way whether it is per day, per week, per month etc. I highly recommend a task tracking app (I use buy provigil usa). For 2017, one of my goals is to increase the number of models for my buy provigil online reddit. The tasks for the year are to post on social media frequently, follow up with prospective models regularly., attend networking events to build up interest in the project and so forth. Thus far, I have two possible models in the first month of the new year.
  3. Check Your Technique – As you progress in the year, be sure to add in times to check in with yourself to be accountable to the progress of your goals as well as offset any procrastination tendencies and tweak your tasks as necessary. Also appoint a mentor, life coach or friend to review your progress with you periodically.
  4. Do Your Annual Check Up – As the final quarter of the year comes to a close, review your tasks list, assess your achievements, assess what you didn’t complete and begin setting your goals and tasks for the following year.

Don’t be shy about your life – Be CONFIDENT! Be PURPOSEFUL! Be READY!

Cheers, Chante

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I will rise 
Up & Above My Obstacles 
I will face them
Eye to Eye
With Every Ounce of Strength
I will stand ready to engage
I will rise

2016 proved to me that I can achieve ANYTHING once I put the mental power behind my passion followed by purposeful action.

Let me be honest with you. I am a perfectionist! One of my clients called me out on this fact recently and I agreed 100%. I can’t believe she hit the nail on the head granted she’s known me for years so I’m not surprised. What that means is that if I can’t execute perfectly then why do it at all or I’ll do it later once I am inspired to do a perfect job. As a creative, you simply cannot create magic when its the “perfect time“. Creativity is a phenomena that just happens but you have to take action first. That perfectionism also leads to that dreaded fear of failure, which we can dive into on a future post,. But those were the major hangups last year that I worked to overcome and I did, for the most part. I woke up (again) on this January 1, 2017 feeling alive and ready to see take on the world through my lens, feeding my passion fully and energetically.

I encourage you to not look back at what you didn’t accomplish as failures but only as items on your goals to complete list for 2017 and forge ahead.

Cheers, Chante

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